As one of the leading companies on integrated coconut processing in Indonesia, PT.CSI is managed by professionals with extensive experience in their respective fields.

A visionary company that believes in the benefits of nature and strives to preserve sustainability. PT. Coconut State Indonesia established in 2018 and located in the center of coconut plantations in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. CSI focuses on integrated coconut processing and has become one of the leading companies in advancing coconut-based products in Indonesia.

CSI believes that coconut processing can have a big impact in helping the agricultural sector, especially coconut farmers and related businesses around them. It is no longer just exporting raw materials overseas, but now producing coconut-based products domestically so that they can be utilized both at home and exported abroad.

PT.CSI equipped with a modern and ECO – friendly production facility with a peak operating capacity of 80 tons of nuts per day, optimizing business to business supplies.

Company Profile

Coconut State Indonesia

PT Coconut State Indonesia Indonesia is one of the biggest nations with rich natural resources in the world. As an archipelagic state, coconut is one of these resources. Coconut can be easily found in almost every area throughout the archipelago, thanks to its tropical climate. Coconut is a very versatile plant, almost all of its parts can be used. From the roots to the leaves can be utilized for many purposes. That’s why coconut has a great contribution to Indonesian society. Not only in the economic sector but also in the social and cultural sectors. As the largest coconut producing country in the world, Indonesia’s broadly active land of coconut productive area approximately around 3.88 million hectares with an average production yield of 2.92 – 3.2 million tons per year. Therefore, coconut is one of promising natural commodities which can be utilized continuously because of its sustainability.

Coconut State Indonesia
Vision & Mission 

Company Vision: Zero Waste Manufacturing
Our company is aware of the importance of nature preservation. The need for keeping natural balance while making the most of its results become our main concern. Our company uses all parts of coconut to be processed so as not to produce waste that can pollute the surrounding environment. We strive to be an eco-friendly company so the natural resources remain sustainable in the future.

Company Mission: Integrated Coconut Processing
Integrated production is our way to be more responsible for processing natural products. By using all parts of the coconut we see it as a cultivable whole plant. Process integration can also save more energy in production and ease the distribution process. Our company engaged in making more for the distribution and consumption of coconut-based products.